Other topics in Agriculture


Other topics in Agriculture

Last Updated: 3 April 2020

The Third Medium-Term Plan builds on the aims of its predecessor and seeks to increase production and productivity by transforming Kenya’s agricultural sector into a profitable, commercially-oriented and internationally competitive sector that provides high-quality employment to Kenyans. Given that 45% of the employed working age population is engaged in small-scale family farming and that around two-thirds of the population depend on agriculture directly or indirectly, Vision 2030 has identified agriculture as one of the key sectors to deliver the 10% annual economic growth targeted under the economic pillar. The MTP III notably focuses on fertiliser subsidy and agricultural mechanisation programmes, as well as a livestock production programme, value chain support programme and initiatives in research and to provide insurance for smallholder farmers, among others. Additionally, MTP III will steer county implementation of national policy in irrigation infrastructure and on modernisation through investments in storage and preservation facilities. Given that up to 91% of Kenyan agricultural exports are in raw or semi-processed form, a core part of future initiatives will focus around moving the sector up the value chain through increased agro-processing.

Overarching policy in the agriculture sector was previously outlined in the Agricultural Sector Development Strategy (ASDS), which covered the 2010-2020 period. However, as it was developed prior to devolution, it made no provision for the role of counties and was therefore inadequate to govern the devolved nature of the agriculture sector.

Flagship programmes and projects under the 2018-2022 Third Medium-Term Plan include a fertiliser subsidy programme to distribute 200,000MT of fertiliser annually, an agricultural mechanisation programme that aims, inter alia, to source 600 tractors and sell them at subsidised rates to SMEs, a crop and livestock insurance programme, and a livestock production programme which aims to establish several breeding and research farms.

Other topics in Agriculture

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