Budget - Overview

Last Updated: 11 March 2020

The 2019-20 Budget is estimated at a total of KSh 3.02 trillion ($29.4 billion), compared to KSh 1.77 trillion ($17.2 billion) for 2014-15, representing an increase of 70% over five years. In 2009-10, KSh 865 billion ($8.4 billion) was allocated to the budget.

Over a ten-year period, this represents a 250% increase. The sharp rise in Kenya’s budget has primarily been driven by the country’s large investments in infrastructure and free primary and secondary education, as well as broader economic growth.

According to the estimates of the 2019-20 budget, debt service – estimated at Ksh 1.1 trillion ($10.7 billion) represents 36% of government spending and is the single largest item of government expenditure. This equates to 61% of the total projected tax collection of KSh 1.87 trillion ($18.2 billion) for the 2019-20 financial year.

The theme of the current budget is “Creating Jobs, Transforming Lives – Harnessing the “Big Four” Plan”. The Big Four agenda – universal health coverage, affordable housing, increasing the manufacturing contribution to the economy, and food and nutrition security – have been allocated KSh 450 billion ($4.4 billion).

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