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Other topics in Health

Last Updated: 15 April 2020

The 2014-30 Health Policy sets out the overall framework for the sector, which is implemented through medium-term strategic plans. The Kenya Health Sector Strategic and Investment Plan (KHSSP) of 2014-18 prioritises improving the number of available resources, scaling up of coverage, and reducing the financial implications of accessing and using health services. In terms of outputs, the KHSSP specifically targets infant, neonatal and maternal deaths, communicable and non-communicable diseases, with the overarching aim of achieving Universal Health Coverage – an objective aligned with Kenyatta’s Big Four Agenda. As of December 2019, the successor to the KHSSP has not yet been made public.

The total budgeted cost of the KHSSP of 2014-18 is KSh 1.46 trillion ($16.7 billion) for the five-year period, the majority of which is allocated to infrastructure and equipment, HIV/AIDS, human resources, malaria and TB. The Government is expected to finance 45% of the plan, with households and development partners contributing 31% and 18%, respectively.

Significant progress has been made in terms of child mortality, HIV prevalence and life expectancy though there are notable disparities across the country, particularly in terms of county health facility density, which ranges from 1 to 3.5 facilities per 10,000 population. The private sector remains an important stakeholder for the health sector and the government is pursuing public-private partnerships as a means to narrow the health infrastructure deficit. Nonetheless, strikes by workers in the health sector between June and October 2017 revealed tensions between nurses and the health administration over pay and working conditions.

Other topics in Health

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